Certified Clinical Sports Social Work Institute

Experience Counts

CCSSWI (“The Institute”) is a bold extension of existing sport social work efforts.  The Institute was created by the co-founder of the Alliance of Social Workers in Sports (ASWIS) and the creator of the ASWIS certificate program.

The Institute’s founder is fortunate to have over 20 years of experience as a sports social worker and has assisted in hires at Missouri, Tulane, University of Texas and several other Division One sports programs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute is to provide licensed social workers with world class content on athletes and mental health, to prepare them to compete for employment in the sports industry, and to build trust with sports organizations about the competency of sports social workers, our graduates and CCSSWs (Certified Clinical Sports Social Workers).
All three components of our mission are important, but the third, our relationship with sports organizations, and other potential employer’s, is what makes us truly unique. Social workers must continue to formalize their role in sports, carve our space in sports, and be prepared to address prevailing and evolving issues in the sports ecosystem.

The Institute is home to the Certified Clinical Sports Social Work Program and the CCSSWI Immersion Program.