2024-2025 Courses

Athletes & Depression

This course will explore athlete’s depression including symptoms, signs of depression in athletics, its impact on daily functioning and sports performance, as well as treatment methods, coping skills and suicide prevention strategies.


Athlete Identity

This course will delve into the stages of platform development for athletes, organizing players around a platform, the role of athletes in organizational change and how athletes can help address trauma in communities.


Clinical Work with Black & Brown Athletes

This course will explore look at the barriers to working with athletes of color, reflect on your positionality as a clinician who works with athletes, the role of disparities in treatment, culturally competent treatment and how stereotype effects impact clinical work with athletes of color.


Clinical Social Work & Collegiate Sports Administration

This course will examine approaches and department models for clinical service delivery including managing treatment models, communication with coaches and administrators, the PERMA model and athletic department college athlete well-being strategy and execution.


Leadership, Character Development & Adulting

This course will delve into leadership models in sports and athlete leadership development including athlete personal and professional qualities identification, coaching character, the role of leadership/character development in program and community development as well as a holistic approach to athlete development.


Athletes & Substance Use

This course will examine athletes, substance and addictions with a focus on community supports and programs, motivational and cognitive approaches and the recovery process, lifestyle management and normalizing relapse as well as in the context of the culture of athletics.


Bipolar/ADHD & Athletes

This course will explore athletes and ADHD and bipolar disorders. ADHD symptoms and testing will be explored as well as medication, behavioral/psychosocial therapy, and academic accommodation considerations. Bipolar diagnosis, medications and clinical interventions as well as the potential impact of manic and depressive symptoms on team, family and other immediate relationships.


Disordered Eating

his course will explore issues related to prevalent eating disorder diagnostic diagnoses in athletes.  Students will be lead in and encouraged to display knowledge of assessment and treatment. Students will be instructed so that they can eventually demonstrate a personal understanding of the overview of treatment modalities that could be utilized when treating athletes.  Students will gain insight into personal reactions regarding food and body image and how those reactions impact client development in the counseling relationship.



The course focuses on methods for designing programs and evaluating for impact. Students will understand how to employ a theory of change and utilize tools like logic models and key performance indicators to monitor, evaluate and fine tune sport social work programming.


Trauma-Informed Practices with Athletes

This course is meant to explore the intersectionality of trauma informed practices and the mental health of athletes. We will take a deep dive into different types of traumas athlete’s experience. We will use the lens of a social worker to think about how to best treat and diagnose athletes that may be experiencing adverse experiences that may be a direct result of previous traumatic experiences and how to support them as they learn how to manage stressors, anxiety, and increase their healthy mental performance.


Students will also complete six Asynchronous, Slef-paced elective courses.

What is Sports Social Work?

Getting Coaches on Board with Mental Health

Black & Latin X Mental Health\Pro Sports Social Work

Professional Sports

Mental Health Emergency Action Plans

It’s a new ballgame: Social Justice, NIL and Academic Support in College Sports

Developing Social Work Placements in College Sports

Proposed Synchronous Course Sequence

(Subject to Change)













Clinical Work with Black & Brown Athletes

Athletes & Substance Use

Athletes & Depression

Disordered Eating

Clinical Social Work & Collegiate Sports Administration

Athlete Identity 


Clinical Work & Gender

Leadership, Character Development & Adulting 

Bipolar/ADHD & Athletes 

Athletes & Community Development

Trauma Informed Practices with Athletes